One of the best CBD brands on the market is SunJoined. Lamar Wilson, the founder of SunJoined, sought to create a network of hemp farmers across the US. One of the main goals of this network is to share best practices and risks among farmers. The result of this trade of information is that farmers in this network get huge harvests. The network, SunJoined, also connects processors of hemp with high-quality hemp straight from the farm.

SunJoined’s founder, Wilson, has recently decided to expand by selling CBD products. Utilizing the links for the network, SunJoined has released three new CBD oils. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is of premium quality. This Full Spectrum hemp oils come in different flavors such as Lemonade, Watermelon, and Cannafresh. All three flavors of hemp oils in the SunJoined collection are of premium quality and GMO-free, Cruelty-free, and Vegan Friendly. And besides high-quality full-spectrum CBD, these SunJoined products also contain high-quality MCT Coconut Oil.

SunJoined Full Spectrum hemp Oil Tincture contains all-natural hemp extract. Unlike other full-spectrum CBD tinctures, this hemp oil does not contain high concentrations of THC. You get about 0.3 percent of THC as the 2018 Farm Bill dictates. You can also be assured that this hemp oil tincture offers natural hemp extracts without any chemical or unwanted materials. SunJoined Full Spectrum hemp Oil Tincture is extracted via the cryogenic ethanol extraction process. As a rule, this extraction process does not leave any room for contaminants and other unwanted solvents.

The Full Spectrum hemp oil comes with different concentration levels of CBD: 500mg, 100mg, and 1500mg. You get about 16.67mg of active CBD per 1ml of the 500mg SunJoined Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. This product comes in a 30ml bottle. And SunJoined has made different flavors available for this product.

All SunJoined hemp products come with excellent packaging, and each flavor comes with different colored labels. The SunJoined hemp oil that comes with watermelon flavor has a purple label. The lemonade flavor comes with a yellow label, and Cannafresh has a green label. Each label comes with images, and you will find relevant information about the products on the label.

SunJoined Full Spectrum hemp Oil is easy to use. Like with other CBD oils, you place a drop of hemp oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing it. Some people prefer to hold it for one minute. You can also add this hemp oil to your smoothies or food, and this is a great way of ingesting it. SunJoined recommends that you take one drop to start. You can also increase the dosage gradually.

SunJoined Full Spectrum hemp Oil Tincture is excellently packaged. You can buy a bottle of hemp products in most vape shops across the world. If you are interested in buying the SunJoined Full Spectrum hemp Oil Tincture, it is best to visit their online shop. You will find a list of distributors near you via their online shop.