If you are reading this, you probably know how impactful taking substances like alcohol could become in preventing you from reaping the full benefits of certain medications you may be on. Sometimes, they may not only forestall how effective the medication is but may even become outright dangerous to your health and general wellbeing when taken together.

Considering the fact many people may be using CBD for one medical reason or the other, it becomes necessary to know how safe it is while being taken with other drugs especially. Though we do know what kind of antibiotics alcohol shouldn’t be mixed with, we do not know to a full extent what substances or products CBD shouldn’t be mixed with so as not to result in deadly consequences.

The importance of cytochrome
Anytime we ingest a substance into our system, the substance is processed. In the liver, an enzyme called cytochrome P450 is responsible for metabolizing CBD and approximately 60% of other pharmaceuticals ingested. The interesting thing about CBD is that it solely takes over this enzyme known as cytochrome anytime it is ingested and demands its full attention. This means that anytime CBD is taken, cytochrome is somewhat barred from metabolizing other powerful medications like oxycodone – if one is taking it at the time.

Therefore, this drug, oxycodone will be forced to dwell in your system much longer than it should. However, because it is designed to dwell in your body for some only some period of time, exceeding that period would translate into you standing at the risk of being bogged down by side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. Disregarding these warning signs to continue usage may result in severe consequences like damage to your liver.

If any medication you are taking needs to be metabolized by the liver, then chances are that it is going to be affected by CBD. The metabolism of antibiotics, antidepressants and steroids are going to be affected therefore if you use CBD whilst using them. Be sure to be in consultation with your doctor anytime the need arises to use CBD whilst on these sorts of medications. Most likely, you’d be told to take smaller doses of them while on CBD. It is important to note that not many health care professionals are acutely aware of CBD and other matters related to it. This, however, shouldn’t dissuade you from getting in touch with them. If anything at all, they will still keep monitoring your blood work in order to ensure that you are still in good shape. It all boils down to being as transparent as possible about your use or intended use of CBD.

To conclude, CBD is safe and does not have any serious side effects like other pharmaceuticals as well as the negative effects that ensue when these drugs react with other drugs. Given its therapeutic versatility, it may not even be advisable to use CBD along with other drugs, especially where there is a chance that the combination of these would have an adverse effect on the user.