Did you that arthritis is one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world especially in the United States? Well, if you didn’t then it’d perhaps come as a bit of surprise to you that over 54 million as well a 300,000 children residing in the U.S right now are currently suffering from arthritis per reports from the Arthritis Foundation (AF).

Arthritis is a condition that mostly affects the joints, causing pain and stiffness in there. As time goes on, arthritis gradually degenerates and destroys the joints. Of course, many medications exist for arthritis but it is important to note that they aren’t always effective and some of them, when taken result in side effects that aren’t very pleasant. As such, more and more sufferers of arthritis are beginning to turn to more natural and effective alternative forms of medical treatment like CBD to provide them with relief to their pains without any resultant side effects.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids produced in the hemp plant. The body has an endocannabinoid system which is made of two receptors – CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mostly found in the brain and are linked with cognitive functions like thinking, memory, appetite, etc. CB2 receptors are often located in the immune system and often control how well the body responds to pain and inflammation.

CBD works by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors and subsequently triggering the body to produce more of its own cannabinoids which helps create a somewhat positive effect on the body’s pain and inflammation responses. Even though THC also has anti-inflammatory properties and can provide relief to pain just as CBD can, many shy away from the compound because of its psychoactive effects.

Can CBD be used to treat arthritis?
Did you know that at one point in time, 18% of individuals thronging to a California clinic for a medical cannabis evaluation did so because they so desperately wanted to find relief for their arthritis symptoms? Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has been found to reduce inflammation in the body meaning that people with arthritis could benefit from using CBD oil as its anti-inflammatory properties would surely help alleviate the pain.

CBD blocks the formation of cytokines which are pro-inflammatory chemicals. Cytokines are usually formed when the body comes under distress through infection or through an injury. By taking advantage of CBD, arthritis sufferers could benefit by finding relief from constant pain.

Many people are concerned about whether or not CBD is safe for use and they have every right to feel concerned. Many patients are also likely to be wary about CBD and the sort of side effects it’s capable of producing in the body of users. It is important to however state emphatically that CBD is safe to use. Though lots of studies are still going on about the compound, no report has come out yet to “badmouth” it.