Not long ago, whenever the names cannabis, marijuana or hemp were mentioned, it wasn’t unusual to find people turning up their noses in disdain. Even today, people still associate these plants to most evils on the face of the earth. True, marijuana can be used for a myriad of ills including recreational uses to feel “high” but that doesn’t mean these plants are evil in themselves. In fact, on the flip side of the coin there are so many health benefits that can be gotten from one of its compounds known as cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. CBD has shown potential to treat many physical and mental conditions of the body, not least epilepsy.

Everyone is different and patient A’s reaction to CBD oil may be different from patient B’s reaction. However, the bottom line is CBD has been found to be extremely helpful in those who happen to be epileptic. This is particularly wonderful news considering how difficult the condition can be in treating. Even when the prescribed medication is used, the condition can still prove a bit of a nut to crack. If you suffer from epilepsy or know a loved one who does, and the condition doesn’t seem to be abating no matter what instructions of the doctor you follow, then it may be time to look at CBD as an alternative form of treatment.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. Now, this condition is one that causes a person to experience seizures every now and then. In some people, these seizures are occasional and may happen once a while. In others, these seizures are as frequent as could be. The onset of these seizures may be so frequent that going about one’s normal day-to-day activities could end up becoming a big problem.

Seizures often come in two forms. The first form is where the seizure affects the entire brain at a go. When this happens, the patient just becomes still, staring into space, oblivious to anything happening around them. In other instances, they may convulse excessively. With the other form of seizure, only a particular portion of the brain is affected. When this happens, the patient may not be able to perform certain functions like hearing or seeing. Both forms of seizures are not particularly threatening to the patient’s life. They only become life-threatening when the patient falls or unconsciously hits hard at an object or anything of that sort. The annoying thing about epilepsy is that no two cases are ever similar. This makes it very difficult to treat as has been mentioned earlier. Now, what specifically causes epilepsy isn’t known but what is known is that it results because of chemical imbalances in the brain.

CBD and epilepsy
First of all, it is important to state emphatically that CBD is in no way a substitute for any prescribed medication you may currently be using. Based on anecdotal evidence, we can say CBD does and can help certain epileptic symptoms.

Now, let’s turn our attention to an article published in Scientific American in 2016. This article revealed how CBD was used by researchers on 162 epileptic patients. Note that they used CBD as well as other conventional medication on these patients. The researchers found that there was a reduction in motor seizures at a similar rate to existing drugs with even 2% of the patients becoming subsequently seizure-free. This shows that CBD could actually help a lot. Even though there were side effects like fatigue and sleepiness in about 79% of the patients, they weren’t that serious to warrant patients to come off the medication. If this report, as well as others, is anything to go by, then CBD does hold lots of promises for those with epileptic conditions. It, however, cannot be confidently said that CBD can cure epilepsy as researches are not many.